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Siu Nim Tau - (First Form) “Young Idea”
Cham Kiu - (Second Form) “Seeking/Finding The Bridge”
Biu Ji - (Third Form) “Pointing Fingers”
Muk Yan Jong - “Wooden Dummy” Form
Luk Dim Boon Gwan - “6.5 Point Pole” Form
Baat Jaam Do - “Eight Slashing/Cutting Knives” Form
Yi Ji Kim Yeung Ma - “Character Two Goat Gripping (Basic) Stance”
Saam Gok Ma - “Triangular Advancing/Retreating Stance”
Saam Gok Bo - “Triangular Advancing/Retreating Footwork”
Dui Gok Ma - “Side-facing Stance”
Juen Ma - “Pivoting/Turning Footwork”
Seung Ma - “Forward Attacking Footwork”
Tui Ma - “Defensive (Side-stepping) Footwork”
Yat Ji Kuen - “Sun-character (Basic Vertical) Fist/Punch”
Taan Sau - “Spreading-hand” Deflection
Fook Sau - “Subduing-hand” Deflection
Bong Sau - “Upper-arm” Deflection
Huen Sau - “Circling-hand” Deflection
Wu Sau - “Guarding-hand” Deflection
Paak Sau - “Slapping-hand” Deflection
Jing Jeung - “Standing (vertical) Palm-strike”
Waang Jeung - “Lying (horizontal) Palm-strike”
Soh Sau - “Pressing Palm” Deflection
Fak Sau - “Whisking/Whipping Hand” Attack
Lan Sau - “Barrier-arm” Deflection
Jam Sau - “Sinking-arm” Deflection
Jat Sau - “Jerking/Dragging/Obstructing-hand” Deflection
Biu Sau - “Thrusting/Spearing-hand” Attack
Naat Sau - “Pressing-down/Extinguishing” Deflection
Daan Sau - “Rebounding-hand” Deflection
Gaan Sau - “Splitting/Dividing-hand” Deflection
Che Jeung - “Slanting/Descending Palm-strike”
Dai Jeung - “Underneath/Lifting-palm” Deflection
Senk Sau - “Scraping/Shaving-hand” Deflection
Dang Geuk - “Ascending (Basic Heel) Kick”
Waang Geuk - “Horizontal (Side) Kick”
Chi Sau - “Sticky-hands” Exercise
Chi Geuk - “Sticky-legs” Exercise
Luk Sau/Poon Sau - “Rolling-hands” Exercise
Daan (Chi) Sau - “Single-hand” Chi Sau Exercise
Seung (Chi) Sau - “Double-hand” Chi Sau Exercise
Gwoh Sau - “Free-attack” Chi Sau Exercise
Laap Sau - “Warding-off/Deflecting-hands” Exercise
Lat Sau Jik Chung - “Constant Forward Springy-energy” Concept
Chiu Ying - “Square-on/Facing” Concept
Jui Ying - “Chasing” Concept
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