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 Bruce Lee's Wing Chun

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Chi Man

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PostSubject: Bruce Lee's Wing Chun   Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:46 am

Hi Guy's

So we all know Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun from Grandmaster Yip Man, But how much did he actually learn?

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PostSubject: Re: Bruce Lee's Wing Chun   Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:31 am

Hi Chi Man,

I believe he learnt SNT, CK and a certain amount of the Wooden Dummy Form.

From what I have heard however it is very debatable whether or not he leant this amount from Yip Man himself however, with the general concenses being he learnt a large percentage of his Wing Chun from Wong Shun Leung instead.

This kind of makes sense to me being that Wong was Yip Man's assistant teacher at Yip Man's Kwoon.

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Bruce Lee's Wing Chun
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