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 Jiu Wan Wing Chun

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PostSubject: Jiu Wan Wing Chun   Jiu Wan Wing Chun EmptyWed Apr 14, 2010 8:21 am

Jing Xin Yuan is home to Jiu Wan Wing Chun under the Jason Lau/Alan
Goldberg line
as taught by Lin Ai Wei.

Located in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, Jing Xin Yuan promotes Chinese Culture
to the general public without the stereotypical commercial ways. Jing
Xin Yuan is made up of 3 aspects; Lay Buddhist Educational Cultivation,
Wing Chun Gong Fu and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic.

Jing Xin Yuan's Wing Chun Gong Fu trainingis taught by both Sifu Alan
Goldberg and his disciple Sifu Lin Ai Wei. The training grounds are open
7 days a week for students to train off hours from the formal Wing Chun
class/lecture which is scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays from 7-9pm, and
on Sundays from 5-7pm. These classes are for adults.

Children's Wing Chun consists of strength development in basic
exercises such as low stances, high kicks and one long fist form. Within
that progression, students begin their Wing Chun basic training and

For more info please contact Lin Sifu at 718.837.3742

Visit our youtube channel:

Peace and Blessings,
Jing Xin Yuan Wing Chun Tang

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Jiu Wan Wing Chun
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