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 Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10

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Aaron McKillip

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Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10 Empty
PostSubject: Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10   Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10 EmptySun Aug 29, 2010 5:50 pm


Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin*
Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun with Suhu Kenneth Lin*
*Current leader of the Hek Ki Boen Lineage

Come experience the short-distance, explosive power of Wing Chun as
expressed in the Hek Ki Boen lineage.

In this workshop you will experience a sweaty body, a learning mind,
and a happy spirit! Master Lin is an excellent communicator, eager and
willing to work with you until you understand the depth and breadth of
information that his lineage has to offer.

You'll also hear about the latest and greatest research by the Ving
Tsun Museum.

5715 Brandt Pike
Dayton, Ohio

Sunday September 12th

10a to 3p

HKB Members: $75
Non-Members: $150

Call 937-236-6485 to RSVP for this great workshop

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Aaron McKillip

Posts : 5
Join date : 2010-08-23

Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10   Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10 EmptyWed Sep 15, 2010 8:47 pm

Thanks for everyone that came out to visit my teacher this weekend.

Master Meng

Seminar with Grandmaster Lin at the HKB Meng's of Dayton from Missy Pruden
Huber Heights, Ohio
Sept. 2010

Hosted by Sifu Benny Meng, this past weekend was a huge positive step forward towards expanding the acknowledgement of Hek Ki Boen Black Flag Eng Chun. Grand Master Kenneth Lin came to HKB branch school Huber Heights Ohio to instruct his Instructor Certification Program candidates as well as give a workshop on Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun to the public. He brought along with him 2 of his Virginia Headquarter students, father and daughter Gordon and Demarie to assist during the workshop.

Grand Master Lin arrived at the HKB Dayton Meng's Martial arts of Dayton/Ving Tsun Museum Friday afternoon and after lunch he began instructing his Instructor Certification Program candidates at 2pm. Being both compassionate and driven, Grand Master Lin introduced new information to his candidates with clarity while continuing to express the importance of separation/detachment as being a key factor in Hek Ki Boen training. The candidates were given physical as well as intellectual knowledge.

After training for several hours, everyone headed to the home of Master Benny Meng where he and his family hosted a dinner for everyone. This was a feast of a variety of foods and also great flowing conversation. Many thanks went to Master Meng's parents and to his wife, Sunmi Meng, for preparing those savory dishes. Sifu Brad Ryan arrived shortly after dinner. He is the owner/instructor of Meng's Martial Arts of Katy, Texas. This was Sifu Ryan first time meeting and training with Grand Master Lin and had a all night interview and discussion.

Saturday's Instructor Certification Program training was hosted at the Cincinnati branch of Meng's Martial Arts. Upon arrival Grand Master Lin was greeted with a high level of respect and acknowledgement from Sifu John Lambert and his loyal students. After a formal introduction and tour of the school grounds the Grand Master Lin gave a seminar session. Each time Grand Master Lin teaches, the student gets a clearer and deeper understanding of this awesome system. We sweated, we learned and we smiled! After that session the non-Instructor Certification Program members were dismissed and we stopped for lunch. After lunch began a session of intense, non-stop training where Instructor Certification Program candidates were not only given more physical training but conceptual and principle level knowledge as well. Grand Master Lin is a very thorough person so he made sure that his candidates had a clear understanding of each segment that he taught from technical, mechanics, concepts, principle to spiritual. After training for several hours Grand Master Lin ended the teaching session for the night and everyone headed to dinner at Bravo's restaurant in Dayton where we ate while indulging in intellectual conversation on Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun and took a moment to enjoy good company. On Saturday night, Grand Master Lin and Master Meng conducted an extensive interview with Sifu Brad Ryan, interviewing him on his potential enrollment in the Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Instructor Certification Program. He was accepted into the Instructor Certification Program by Grand Master Lin along with Sifu John Lambert, the Owner/Instructor of Meng's Martial Arts of Cincinnati. Congratulations to you both.

Sunday morning workshop began with an introduction of Grand Master Lin as well as Grand Master Lin's acknowledgement of students that he had not met during his past previous seminars. Master Meng and his students presented Grand Master Lin with a trophy of their appreciation. Very fitting (you've got to see it to believe it)!!! Again Grand Master Lin showed another positive side of himself: humbleness. Grand Master Lin began training by giving a brief talk on Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun itself and the direction that we are heading. He then introduced some of the requirements for first level of training. With each technique that was shown Grand Master gave the student a creative way to train and understand what was given so that they can obtain the body intelligence. There were many students present so they were able to switch partners several times so that they can experience different energies. Grand Master went around and personally assisted each student. Attending the workshop with the adults were five members of the Meng's Martial Arts Youth Program: Vincent Meng, Michael Vann II, Jejuan Tinsley, Ricky Le, and Aaron Dobbs. These youth were able to get an understanding of what Grand Master Lin was teaching so this says a lot about the awesome teaching skills of Grand Master Lin. After a brief dismissal for lunch the second session of training began where Grand Master Lin gave an informative explanation of what was being taught. This helped to make the training experience positive for everyone because he reached out to everyone no matter the level of your skill.

At the end of the workshop a special Hek Ki Boen designed cake was presented to Grand Master Lin and enjoyed by everyone. A great end to yet another remarkable workshop given by the Grand Master. After the workshop a brief question and answer session took place in the lobby of the school where Grand Master Lin, being such a down to earth person, talked with students about things ranging from their training to understanding the history of Hek Ki Boen Black Flag Eng Chun. All students were invited to have dinner with the Grand Master and many did attend for the Korean BBQ.

After dinner Grand Master Lin went back to the home of Master Meng where he began giving his Instructor Certification Program candidates more intense and informative training until near midnight. Then, Master Pham, TKD Olympian, invited everyone to watch the new movie Yip Man 3 at his house.

Overall this has been the best visit with Grand Master Lin to date. This system has been around since the 1600's and to have made it to 2010 is a true testimony to not only it's authenticity but to its true essence of Chan and the true nature of Shaolin Wing Chun. Deep thanks to Grand Master Kenneth Lin for sharing such an amazing system with your grand students and Master Meng for hosting this great event. I am sure that everyone who got to experience your awesome teaching walked away with an enlightened body, mind and spirit along with an added understanding of the importance of separation of body, mind and breath.

Many thanks Grand Master Lin!!!!! We look forward to learning and experiencing all that you have to teach us. Bring on many more of your workshops!!! We can't get enough!!
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Black Flag Wing Chun Training with Master Kenneth Lin 9/12/10
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